Season’s greeting

Dear Friends,
I’d like to take this opportunity to extend season’s greeting. At the same time, I’d like to thank you for your support and cooperation toward Sansuikai throughout the year.
I’m looking forward to seeing you as many members as possible this year whenever, wherever I go for seminars. And when we meet, let’s greet each other with a big smile on the face. Smiling and laughing is the only human being among all animals can do.
Y. Yamada

Message from Sensei

Greetings Sansuikai members in Europe.

It is almost end of year 2011 and as you know it was extremely busy year for me. I promise that next year I reserve some time to focus on Sansuikai business. If you have any questions about Sansuikai, please contact Piotr Burnos at

Hoping to meet all of you in Barcelona next March.
Y. Yamada

Welcome to Sensei Yamada’s new European website

You will find everything here that was available up to now on the old website: news from Sensei, current information about Sensei’s seminars in Europe, photo galleries and information about those dojos that maintain close links with Sensei. The last section concerning dojos has been extended to encompass additional information on given schools (together with photographs), and in the seminar section you will also find a list of seminars organised by direct students of Sensei in Europe. The gallery has been supplemented with new high resolution photographs, and most of the old traditional ones have been digitally enhanced, thanks to which they have regained their original quality. Furthermore, the latest interview with Sensei – which he gave in July 2011  –  will be published on our website for the first time.

We hope you like our new website! If you have any questions or suggestions concerning this site, please do not hesitate to write to us at: