Dan tests

Aikikai Hombu Dojo started using new electronic application forms.

Each examinee is required to fill in the electronic form, print it out and provide it to the Yamada Sensei. Person applying for Shodan completes ‘Shodan application form’. Those who are applying for Nidan or above fill ‘Nidan or above application form’. Each document contains few sheets, so please fill up all of them.
Yamada Sensei will accept Dan application forms 2 times a year from now on, April and October. So the best time to take a test is seminar in Barcelona or in Bernau. If You have application forms before April or October, You have to hold them until then.

Shodan application form
Nidan or above application form

Test Prices:

  • 1 Dan: $200
  • 2 Dan: $200
  • 3 Dan: $250
  • 4 Dan: $400
  • 5 Dan: $1000
  • 6 Dan: $1200
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