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Sansuikai Seminar Book

Small book that presents instructors participating in the Sansuikai Seminar is ready. You can download it here.

Sansuikai Seminar

50th anniversary of NYA – message from Sensei

Finally, spring has arrived after a long and bad winter. The bulletin board of the dojo has many flyers of spring seminars all over the country.
As everybody knows already, this year is the 50th anniversary of NYA. Many people are expecting a big celebration. That makes me very happy and I appreciate your concern very much.
I’d like to offer you one big opportunity to celebrate at one time with everybody together, but I found out it is very difficult to get a big place for that in New York City. Instead, the NYA is planning a small celebration on June 7th at the dojo. Everybody is welcome but please do not expect a big event.
So far, at every seminar I went to, people gave me big congratulations and I appreciate it so much. I also appreciated that you gave me so many gifts. But for me, just your thoughts are enough.
Please don’t give me things I can give to somebody. Just give me things I can’t give to anybody. That is, a big hug from the ladies and a handshake from the guys.
On June 7th, the dojo will open for the party at 4pm. At around 5pm I’d like to make a speech.
I’m looking forward to seeing you there.
Y. Yamada

Video: Yamada Sensei in Cracow, Poland

Wonderful memories of a seminar organized by the Krakow Aikikai – Polska.

Posters and flyers

On the Seminars page posters and flyers have been added to download, as well as minor changes have been applied in calendar of seminars. Also a new page has been added which includes seminars taught by Sensei students.

Seminars postponed

Sensei’s seminars in Poland and in Lithuania have been postponed to May 2013.

Seminar in Brussels

In Gallery photos from seminar in Brussels has been published.


Photos from seminar in Kopstal

New photos from seminar in Kopstal has been published in Gallery.


Photos from seminar in Barcelona

New photos from seminar in Barcelona has been published in Gallery (courtesy of Daniel Aguirre from Hikari Dojo).

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