Setubal, Sora Dojo

Ricardo Pinto, 5 Dan
Rua dos Loureiros nº1 2950-218 Palmela, Portugal







Sora Dojo was officially opened in 2005 in France by Ricardo Pinto Sensei (5th Dan), an Aikido student for over 25 years.
Since 2013 he has been running the Portuguese branch, while the French school is still open and is being run by Sabrina Legrand, under his supervision.
In 2023 a student of his, named Hugo Lavado, opened a Dojo in Angola, Africa, that is currently teaching around 40 students.
The Portuguese branch is a large dojo that focuses exclusively on Aikido. It is attended mostly by young students – about 22 – but is also shared with about 15 adults.
The goal of Sora Dojo is the union of its students and to contribute to their character formation.

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