Trieste, Mutoku Kan Dojo

Alessandro Chiancone, 6 Dan, Shidoin
Via Visinada 5, 34137 Trieste Italy
Via Cadore 30, 33100 Feletto Umberto (Udine) Italy
Via De Pastrovich 1, 34100 Trieste Italy








The MuTokuKan Association has been active since 1992 with the aim of studying and disseminating the Japanese martial arts, especially Aikido, emphasizing certain aspects such as: physical education, mixed practice (male/female, young/older), personal development and the dissemination of positive values into the community.
The MuTokuKan Dojo is active in the northeast part of Italy, in the provinces of Trieste, Udine, organizes over 400 hours of courses per year and regularly hosts internationally renowned Aikido masters.


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